Are you interesting of being SAS campus ambassador of NCTU?

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  Now, as long as it is SAS Authorized school classmates in school, have a lively, positive attitude and wanted to have more exciting experiences in student careers,
You are welcome to fill in the login SAS Database, you can apply to join SAS Campus ambassadors selected ranks of Oh!
If you meet the following conditions, welcome SAS Campus ambassadors selected:
SAS Authorized School of students of the whole school, love SAS , Top SAS Curriculum, students do not qualify as statistically relevant departments

Data scientists campus ambassadors work includes:
1. Campus bridge : For one semester as a service trip, SAS Window on campus to assist SAS Campus outreach
2. Campus information: contribute to the understanding of campus promotion activities related to statistical information and related statistical software usage
3. Campus outreach: help SAS Courses in extension courses, track the number of applicants and publicity
4. Campus Assistant: serving as a course Assistant to assist in sorting questionnaires and return course participants responses
5. Campus counseling: trying to solve SAS Troubleshooting installation problems and assist in schools SAS Software
6. Monthly share: participating in Campus Ambassador month Exchange and sharing of ideas

SAS Feedback give the campus Ambassador:
1. Have the opportunity to SAS Branch colleagues in closer contact and interaction with the Ambassador schools, improve their skills
2. Cultivating self marketing, time management, organizational and communication skills
3. SAS Provided by the end of the period 3-4 Different topics SAS Essence of charge course ( Every 3 hours ) , In the 3/1~5/31 3 Months respectively in North, Central and nansanqu classes Help recharge can be spanned to participate.
4. Awarded SAS Campus Ambassador certificate, with more lean than the others experience
5. Prior to the performance 10 , To participate in SAS Excel courses , Course value 30000 ( Course 2, selection 1 to participate in)
     1. Programming1:Essentials (Three days PRG1) 
     SAS Enterprise Guide1: Querying And Reporting ( two days EG1) Opportunities.
6. Outstanding performance will SAS Priority opportunities for internships or work

Evaluation criteria:
Campus Ambassadors meet once a month to share campus update
In cooperative interaction in the process, you understand the involvement of a

If you are interested in SAS Campus ambassadors, student registration login area please go to the following Web site, and we will have someone contact you, thank you.

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