Core Abilities

The mission of the Department of Management Science of National Chiao-Tung University is to prosper, flourish and extend the great knowledge and traditions of Management Science through rigorous research and dedicated education in order to benefit the society and country.



The aims and objectives of our education are to cultivate students with the abilities to:

  • Evaluate and assess methods and results objectively, critically and scientifically.
  • Express and develop new ideas and models with creativity and originality.
  • Excel in the development of good inter-personal relationship, especially in teamwork, leadership, communication and diplomacy.
  • Communicate and express freely and clearly in language and visual cues.
  • Solve real-life situations and problems using professional managerial knowledge.
  • Engage in research in order to further the field of management science.

In order to achieve these goals stated above, the Department of Management Science provides 
     students with:

  • A suitable environment for the teaching and learning of managerial science.
  • An academic course, integrating the basis of scientific methods and reasoning.
  • An excellent training in teamwork, leadership, and other inter-personal skills.
  • An unparalleled opportunity for vigorous and independent research.


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