Fall 2018 NCTU Scholarship (Monthly Stipend/Tuition Waiver/Reduction) Renew/Application for Current Students

Poster:Post date:2018-06-08
  Fall 2018 NCTU International Students Scholarships now OPEN for APPLICATION*

(award period September 2018 – February 2019)


  •    Monthly stipend and tuition waiver
  •    Tuition waiver Only
  •    Tuition Reduction Only

Application Deadline: 11:59PM, JUNE 29, 2018, GMT+8 (online application and upload)



Now we use online application (include upload documents online). Please read the attached instructions carefully.


  1. Read the online application instruction carefully.
  2. Prepare all your application documents. After collecting all the required signature/stamps, scan and edit file name according to the application instruction.
  3. Open the Google Form (open till 11:59PM, JUNE 29, 2018, GMT+8).
  4. Fill out personal info and prepare for uploading documents according to the application instruction.
  5. After submitting documents online, you will receive a confirmation email.
  6. If you would like to add recommendation letter to your application, please submit the hardcopy to OIA by the same deadline. Alternatively, your recommender can send us their letters via email to scholarships@nctu.edu.tw before the deadline. Please specify your student ID and program on the envelope (sealed and sign by recommender).
  7. The review result will be announced in late October 2018.
  8. For the Fall 2018 semester tuition payment, if you would like to apply for delay payment of tuition due to scholarship application, please use the attached delay payment of tuition form. After completed step 1-3 (Advisor, Secretary and Chairman), submit the delay payment form to OIA (hardcopy only).

Choose one of the following batches which suits your schedule to submit the hardcopy to us:

1st batch: submit to OIA by Friday, August 10.

2nd batch: submit to OIA by Friday, September 7.

OIA will help you complete step 4-6 and submit to Registrar. If you need the original form to extend your ARC or that you submit to us after the 2nd batch, you will need to complete step 5-6 on your own.


For eligibility and other requirement for application, please refer to the attached file for details.



F2018 Scholarship Application Package (click to open in google drive)

What’s inside the package:


  • Online Application Instruction
  • Application Eligibility and Requirements
  • Scholarship Regulations
  • Forms and Templates
    • Declaration Form for Online Application (required for all applicants)
    • Delay Payment of Tuition (if needed)
    • Voluntary Service Certificate (if any)
    • Recommendation Letter (if required)**
    • Thesis Report (if required)**


Contact Person

Ms. Janet CHEN

Division of International Admissions, 

Office of International Affairs, NCTU (Library 8F)


(03)571-2121 ext.50666

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