姓名 高國揚
聯絡電話 (03)571-2121 #57127
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網站 http://lohasatnctu.com
授課領域 組織行為、人力資源管理
研究專長 職場健康心理學
討論區 0
職稱 助理教授
年度 論文名稱
2020 Kao, K. Y., Chi, N. W., Thomas, C., Lee, H. T., & Wang, Y. F. (2020). Linking ICT availability demands to burnout and work-family conflict: The roles of workplace telepressure and dispositional self-regulation. Journal of Psychology, 154(5), 325-345. (SSCI; 2018 IF=1.430)
2020 Kao, K. Y., Hsu, H. H., Lee, H. T., Cheng, Y. C., Dax, I., & Hsieh, M. W. (in press). Career mentoring and job content plateaus: The roles of perceived organizational support and emotional exhaustion. Journal of Career Development. (SSCI; 2018 IF= 1.431)
2020 Hsieh, H. H., Hsu, H. H., Kao, K. Y., & Wang, C. C. (in press). Ethical leadership and employee unethical pro-organizational behavior: A moderated mediation model of moral disengagement and coworker ethical behavior. Leadership & Organization Development Journal. (SSCI; 2018 IF= 1.462)
2020 Kao, K. Y., Hsu, H. H., Rogers, A., Lin, M. T., Lee, H. T., & Lian, R. (in press). I See My Future! Linking Mentoring, Future Work Selves, Achievement Orientation to Job Search Behaviors. Journal of Career Development (SSCI; 2018 IF= 1.431)
2019 Kao, K. Y., Spitzmueller, C., Cigularov, K., & Thomas, C. (2019). Linking safety knowledge to safety performance: A moderated mediation of safety attitudes. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 28(2), 206-220. doi=10.1080/1359432X.2019.1567492 (SSCI, 2018 IF= 2.589; 科技部管理一學門推薦期刊)
2019 Kao, K. Y., Thomas, C., Spitzmueller, C., & Huang, Y. (in press). Being Present in Enhancing Safety: Examining the Effects of Workplace Mindfulness, Safety Behaviors, and Safety Climate on Safety Outcomes. Journal of Business and Psychology. (SSCI; 2018 IF= 2.582)
2019 Kao, K. Y., Lee, H. T., Rogers, A., Hsu, H. H., & Lin M. T. (in press). Mentoring and Job Search Behaviors: A Moderated Mediation Model of Job Search Self-Efficacy. Journal of Career Development. (SSCI; 2018 IF= 1.431)
2016 Kao, K. Y., Spitzmueller, C., Cigularov, K., & Wu, H. (2016). Linking insomnia to workplace injuries: A moderated mediation model of supervisor safety priority and safety behavior. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 21(1), 91-104. doi:10.1037/a0039144 (SSCI; 2016 IF= 2.218)
2014 Kao, K. Y., Rogers, A., Spitzmueller, C., Lin, M. T., & Lin, C. H. (2014). Who should serve as my mentor? The effects of mentor’s gender and supervisory status on resilience in mentoring relationships. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 85(2), 191-203. (SSCI)
學校名稱 學位
美國休士頓大學 工業與組織心理學博士