姓名 黃瓊誼
電子郵件 cyhwang@nctu.edu.tw
聯絡電話 (03)571-2121 #31859
職稱 助理教授
授課領域 創新創業、科技管理、策略管理
研究專長 新創事業發展策略、科技管理
年度 論文名稱
2018 Hwang, C.Y., The Evolution of Customer-centric Business Model and Technological Innovation in an Emerging , 2018 Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago, USA.
2017 C.Y. Hwang, Exploration-Exploitation Balance of IPO Ventures: The Impacts of Knowledge Similarity and Strategic Fits Among Partners, Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, 會議論文, 2017-10-28-2017-10-31
2017 C.Y., Hwang, A Path from an Idea to a Venture: Opportunity Types and Venture Survival, 2017 Academy of Management Meeting , Atlanta, Georgia, 會議論文, 2017-08-04-2017-08-08
2016 Hwang, C.Y. and Lu, H.H., Why Do Some Entrepreneurs Act on Opportunities Outside their Domain Knowledge?, The 2016 Academy of Management Meeting, Anaheim, California., 會議論文, 2016-08-05-2016-08-09
2016 Hwang, C.Y. and Lu, H.H. , The Influence of Attention-Driving Factors on Entrepreneurial Decision Making., DRUID16 20th Anniversary Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 會議論文, 2016-06-13-2016-06-15
2015 Hwang, C.Y., and Clarysse, B., Entrepreneurial Actions and Resource Application: An Inductive Study of Entrepreneurial Processes , 2015 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, , 2015-08-07-2015-08-11
2015 Hwang, C.Y., and Clarysse, B., Differences in Opportunities: How Entrepreneurial Motivations Impact Opportunity Recognition , 2015 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 會議論文, 2015-08-07-2015-08-11
2014 Hwang, C.Y., and Clarysse, B. , Discovery or creation: An inductive analysis of entrepreneurship process in a nascent market,, Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual International Conference, Madrid, Spain, 會議論文, 2014-09-20-2014-09-23
2014 Hwang, C.Y., and Clarysse, B., To see or not to see: The impact of knowledge relatedness on attention allocation in opportunity search, The 34th Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC), London (Ontario), Canada, 會議論文, 2014-06-04-2014-06-07
2012 Hwang, C.Y., and Clarysse, B. , Endorsing legitimacy to avoid IPO underpricing when markets for technology fail, 2012 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, USA, 會議論文, 2012-08-03-2012-08-07
2008 Lee, C.Y., Hwang, C.Y., Wu, H.L. and Su, W.C., The institutional determinant of the firm-level R&D commitment, The 50th Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, Milan, Italy, 會議論文, 2008-06-30-2008-07-03
國家 學校名稱 系所 學位
英國 Imperial College London Business School PhD
台灣 國立台灣大學 商學研究所 碩士